Fact: For most advertisers, the media portion of their marketing budget—actual time and space purchased—accounts for nearly 8 out of every 10 dollars spent for advertising.

Why is Riger right for your media planning and buying?

Focusing your message on the right audience, the right number of times, at the lowest possible cost. That’s what we do on behalf of clients like SUNY Broome, Tioga State Bank, United Methodist Homes, and UHS every day. It’s both science and art. And here’s why we’re a good fit for you:

• Experience and expertise in all forms of media
• Media mix analysis to determine the right fit for your business
• Flexible payment structure
• More familiarity with the media and media markets
• Invoice tracking
• Competitive spending analysis
• On-site resources/media software system/ratings reports

And, we save you time so you can focus on running your business!

Does your media schedule really reach your target audience? Find out with our FREE media analysis!

What is a media analysis (or post-buy)?

A report that compares one of your TV or radio buys to the actual ratings delivered.

Why is a post-buy important?

It tells you if your buy was cost-effective and efficient in reaching your audience, and in line with your market’s media costs.

Does it work?
Yes! Several businesses who took us up on our offer were shown how to use the same media budget to double their audience reach!

Contact McKensie Stoltzfus (email), Media Buyer, at 866-885-7441 ext. 312 for your FREE media analysis.