BOCES/Binghamton City Schools

"Build the Future" Video

Following in-depth research developed and managed by Riger, Broome-Tioga BOCES and the Binghamton City School District learned that city residents viewed the schools more favorably than those living outside the district. Changing that perception will take many steps, but all agreed that one of the first was to produce a short video to showcase the schools' positive features that prospective residents -- including parents with children -- needed to know about.

Basing our strategy on both the research and on personal interviews with students, educators, and supporters, we structured the video along the themes of Opportunity, Excellence, and Community. The three themes provided avenues toward exploring -- through those interviews -- much of what the district offers: an innovative curriculum, an active and diverse social atmosphere, and a keen sense of what's needed to prepare today's students for life beyond school, both academically and socially.

The plan included not simply posting the final video, "Building the Future," to YouTube, but also duplicating it to Flash drives and providing area realtors with a healthy supply. A followup television campaign will take the message to a wider audience in the long-term effort to promote the rich opportunities, teaching excellence, and strong sense of community Binghamton City Schools is bringing to thousands of students every day.