Connecting with a new generation

Considering the average credit union member is 47 years old, CFCU Community Credit Union wanted a way to reach a younger audience. Also considering that Gen Y members (born between 1977–2002) grew up on the Internet, prefer to watch videos online and are active on social media, increasing the credit union’s social media presence seemed like a “no brainer.”

Although Gen Y members don’t like to be marketed to via social media, they do have brand conversations every day, with financial services ranking in the top ten. Nearly half of them grade themselves as C, D, or F in terms of their personal financial management abilities. And they are twice as likely to switch banks. They also like to support companies with a cause.

So Riger developed Facebook and Twitter pages to reach this audience with a more personal message. Content includes news about the credit union’s community service efforts, financial management tips, consumer education, staff updates, promotional specials, alerts and more. Right now, CFCU’s YouTube channel re-merchandises current TV commercials, but plans call for the production of educational videos such as, How to buy a home, Budgeting and Creating a financial plan.

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