Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

Social Media Ad Campaigns

With the average American adult spending approximately three hours a day on social media, it’s hard to deny the impact social media networks have on our nation’s buying decisions.

The Marketing and Communications department of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration (SHA) knew it wanted to harness this impact to encourage enrollment and also increase engagement with faculty research. SHA also knew social media ad campaigns have many moving parts, which are often more easily handled by a partner agency.

Riger then arrived on the scene, working alongside SHA each step of the way. It started with SHA sharing various assets they wished to promote, which included several blog posts and a video. Then Riger got to work quickly, aiding SHA in the strategic selection of social media network and ad type for each asset promotion, then developing ad layouts tailored to each of SHA’s nationally scoped targeted audiences.

After the campaign launched, Riger also handled all aspects of the campaign’s tracking, monitoring, and ongoing optimization.

Shown above (clockwise from upper left): a Linkedin ad promoting a blog post to food industry professionals beside Facebook ad promoting that same blog post, but written in a different way to attract marketing industry professionals; and a YouTube ad promoting a video to a potential student.