Elmira College

Facebook Ads

“We’d like to increase enrollment in a particular exam prep course this fall,” said the Director of Communications and Marketing at Elmira College’s Continuing Education & Graduate Studies department.

Riger’s response: Development of a Facebook ad campaign directed at those with the age, gender, location, interests, and educational background of this particular course’s target audience. Multiple ads with purposely varying messages and timelines were launched into the newsfeeds of a hand-picked pocket of potential students.

The result: The comprehensive targeting ability of social media, combined with Riger’s relentless pursuit of optimizing and monitoring Elmira College’s campaign along the way, was the perfect fit. The campaign delivered click-through rates far exceeding industry average, while also driving increased website traffic to both the course’s application page as well as to the department’s hashtag (and branding slogan), #Nevertoolate.