Tioga State Bank

CSI Testimonial

How does a bank differentiate itself from its competition? For Tioga State Bank, it comes down to building strong relationships. And what better way to promote this than through the actual words of one of their customers.

Slightly gruff but fully genuine, Dave Jones of CSI nailed this difference when he said, “Their online banking person is the only banker I’ve ever hugged.” Riger got this line when we interviewed Dave during a pre-production meeting for new business-banking testimonial TV and related messages. And he repeated it when the camera rolled. Sometimes it’s that extra bit of preparation and strategic direction that leads to the most memorable creative.

Dave went on to talk about all the other things that impressed him about the bank, which served to drive home just how much Tioga State Bank cares about its

The result?

Dave Jones received tons of positive feedback around the community—good for his business. The bank rep received recognition and inquiries. Our client has advertising that helps their customer, builds the brand, and provides the rest of the bank’s people with great name recognition and awareness. Win-win-win!