Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates

Just What You Need

Eyes are not just parts of our bodies. They are a precious gateway to our lives, to our memories.

That’s what the Riger team realized as we sat down to brainstorm a theme for Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates’ advertising campaign.

Picture this, we said: Someone squinting to see photographs of special moments throughout their lives while the comforting voice of the announcer says, “Your eyes have seen a lot...but if they don’t see as well as they used to, Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates can help.” This opening line, juxtaposed with a display of the comprehensive care and friendly service patients receive at Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates, allowed for a creative institutional campaign that easily crossed mediums. From video to photos, TV commercials to online and print ads, we let our 65+ target audience know Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates is “just what you need.”