Online Campaigns

With nearly half of all Web traffic now being generated through mobile devices, online and mobile media are being integrated into our client campaigns across the board. Using a number of tools and platforms, UHS incorporates online promotions into nearly all their campaigns. Components include: UHS Your Healthy Voice, sponsorship of a mobile weather application, online banners, Facebook advertising and Twitter.

UHS’s Your Healthy Voice Tips, produced in conjunction with FOX online, are updated monthly and posted on a special section of wicz.com. Visitors to that site get a wide array of healthy living tips every month straight from a credible source. In addition to UHS’s mobile and online sponsorships, they also run online banners and targeted social media marketing tightly integrated with their campaigns. These media have proven very valuable tools in reaching specific audiences with messages demographically targeted to those audiences.

UHS’s messages are always focused on making individuals in their market area healthier and more aware. These online media offer a unique advantage by allowing users to interact and quickly absorb this valuable healthcare information.