W&W Nursery & Garden Center

Brand Awareness

When Riger proposed a plan to help increase awareness for W&W Nursery & Garden Center, the first thing we noticed was the opportunity to use their property to help promote the business. With over 65 acres and frontage along a major highway, there were several options to consider.

Using the bright yellow and green colors of W&W’s logo, we designed a series of two-sided permanent flags to draw passerby’s attention. On the side facing traffic, we promote their products and supplies; on the side facing customers walking through the Garden Center, we employed gardening “prompts” such as “inspire,” “design” and “create.”

W&W’s site trailer, which was parked on the property and taken out to farmer’s markets, trade shows and auctions throughout the season, was the perfect vehicle to use for promotion, too. Bold, colorful flowers, fruits, vegetables, grasses and more come to life everyday on this trailer.

Lastly, a large highway billboard right before the exit for W&W is used as a directional message for folks traveling Interstate 86. All three out-of-home marketing pieces work nicely together to create awareness and inform folks who otherwise may have never realized what W&W Nursery & Garden Center
is, and all it has to offer.