#1:  Slogans are far more effective when they are CONSISTENTLY paired with a logo. The combination helps create and strengthen brand identity, which is crucial to differentiating your company from its competitors.

#2: Speaking of competitors, your slogan shouldn’t only tell what you do; it should also suggest that you do it better than the other guy. In the mar-com biz, we call that sharing your “unique selling proposition” or “USP.”

#3: The best slogans (just like the best logo designs) cater to the preferences of their target audiences. Understanding the impression that certain words, colors, and fonts have on women vs. men, teenagers vs. seniors, etc. is essential.

#4: A little music goes a long way. Studies show that slogans that are sung as a jingle are recalled significantly more often than those that are only spoken or written.

#5: Think covering #1-#4 is easy? Now try doing it in 8 words or less. Slogans should be short and sweet – making every word count!

Does your slogan need an update?