• Consumers feel before they think. The advertiser has to grab them right off the bat.
  • Address powerful and immediate “wants”;  rationality addresses needs. The emotion connection must be made first, before endeavoring to give rational arguments.
  • Credibility: Believability is based on gut feeling.
  • Positive emotional connections help to overcome skepticism toward advertising.
  • Emotional connections lay the groundwork for brand loyalty.
  • Emotional messaging creates enduring brand differentiation, which reduces price sensitivity and increases purchase intent, sales, and long-term profitability.
  • Emotional responses are stronger than rational ones, so brands must develop emotional connections with consumers and then activate those associations at the right moments.
  • Emotional messaging works for any kind of marketer, in any economy.     


            ~ Dan Hill, president, Sensory Logic, and author of Emotionomics



Steve Johnson, Vice President, Client Services