Wander through downtown Binghamton and you might run in to a dinosaur… or two… or twenty two. From money-covered dinos, to ones with braces, to others covered in trees with fruit, these characters are making their presence known across the city. So WHY are Johnny Hart’s beloved comic characters Gronk and B.C. popping up all over?

The intention is to bring visibility to the artists that design the sculptures and draw attention to the city of Binghamton itself, while also providing funds to local organizations when the pieces are auctioned off after they’re displayed.

The one pictured here promotes UHS’ Stay Healthy Kids program and was coordinated and designed with the help of us Rigerites and local artist Aubrey Clark.

Do the well-known characters really bring new attention to the area? Or are they just uplifting and cheerful pieces that bring something different to the city for downtown regulars to see everyday?

What message are these dinos really conveying?


Courtney Starzer, Riger Intern, Cornell University