Out went the Clydesdales, red wagon Dalmatians, and the beloved “pour shot” when Anheuser-Busch switched up their traditional Budweiser ad campaign for something a little more alternative.

Enter Super Bowl Sunday 1995. After the opening kick-off, Budweiser began the night of ad offerings with a swamp, some lily pads, and three frogs. This amphibious trio croaked their respective names, Bud-Weis-Er, sporadically at first, but eventually in the sequence that gave way to that recognizable cadence, Budweiser. The message: even the frogs ribbit for Budweiser.

Receiving countless accolades and recognition as one of the most effective and creative American ads of all time, the Budweiser frogs succeeded, despite the seemingly bizarre brand pairing. But can others follow in the footsteps of Anheuser-Busch’s wild ad platform and equally wild success?

Possibly, but we must be unafraid to take risks and marry our brands to advertisement concepts that may at first seem extraneous, perhaps even a little absurd, because like Budweiser we might stumble upon a fresh, attractive way to rebrand and repackage our products and tell their stories from new creative angles. Sometimes opposites attract, and when they do, great things can happen.


Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive