In the next 10 to 25 years, your car will get safer. Clothes might actually fit. Baseball will be a richer experience (not just for players). And you may work at several “micro-jobs,” perfectly matched to your skills and interests, rather than one full-time job.

That’s the message Kevin Maney, Binghamton native, Binghamton University alumnus, award-winning USA TODAY and NEWSWEEK journalist, author and futurist brought back to a hometown crowd this spring as keynote speaker at BU’s Innovation Day 2015.

If you haven’t heard—thanks to the likes of Google, Tesla and other innovators—cars may become largely autonomous, driving themselves at the behest of their owner. One can imagine, as Maney does, human-steered cars becoming an anachronism. People will store a 2015 roadster in the garage much like they used to keep a horse in the barn. “Going for a ride will be something rich people do on the weekend,” Maney mused.

How about clothes and those pesky inconsistent sizing problems? Technology has a fix for that, too! Software developers at True Fit, and companies developing body-scanning devices, are all over it. They’ll store your specific body type and size data in the cloud, and all you’ll need to do is scan the tag on an article of clothing to get an answer back: either “yes, that’ll fit you” or “no way, Jose, lose another 10 pounds.” Well, something like that.

Would you like a fourth dimension with your live sports action? As Maney rightly points out, baseball was the perfect sport for radio and its “theater of the mind.” Football has been born and bred for TV. Now enter the Data Era, and NYU scientist Claudio Silva, presenting real-time visualizations of millions of data points per game. Voila, it’s Baseball 4D! Imagine going to your favorite MLB team’s game, donning a pair of Google glasses, and seeing so much more than just what your eyes can take in on their own. The Data Era has the power to change the way fans will interact with and appreciate all of their favorite sports.

RecruitiFi is rethinking the way job recruitment will happen. As Uber revolutionizes transit; Airbnb lodging; and Quirky the previously labor-intensive art of invention patenting; RecruitiFi is modifying the way you’ll think about and do the things you used to always think about and do the same old way. Visiting NYC? You used to think cab and hotel. Now you might try crowdsourcing options such as Uber for a ride and Airbnb for a room. Likewise, RecruitiFi is essentially a 1:1 matchmaking service that brings together job seekers with those who know about an available job—all in a simple, intuitive way that makes anyone and everyone a recruiter.

By 2050, if not much sooner, you will increasingly enjoy these kinds of innovatively safe and efficient travel, clothing, recreation, and employment options—all at your fingertips.

Sound good to you?

Written by:

Steve Johnson, Managing Partner