Bic’s new line of “Cristal For Her” pens has American Internet consumers steaming.

Featuring an “elegant design—just for her,” and a “thin barrel to fit a woman’s hand,” Bic’s “Cristal For Her” was made with women in mind. Too bad most product reviewers on the popular shopping site Amazon didn’t see it that way, and instead saw Bic’s advertising scheme as lazy and borderline sexist, unleashing a tirade of sarcastic reviews (which you can see for yourself here.)

So, how can you avoid such advertising pitfalls? For starters, put yourself in the shoes of your target demographic. What makes sense statistically does not always translate to real-world success. While it is good to target specific groups of people, do so in a respectful, non-assumptive manner – or else Amazon reviewers may find it necessary to have a word with you.


Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive (with lots of help from intern Thomas LaMonte)