Along with my colleagues Patty and Heather, I attended a Facebook Marketing seminar in May that covered everything from tracking the demographics of your Facebook followers, to generating valuable content that will survive “edgerank,” to utilizing the new Cover Photo/Timeline layout of Facebook pages for promotional purposes.

I recorded a list of “gee, I didn’t know that” take-aways that I will share with you over the coming weeks.

Here’s the first one:

Facebook’s new Cover Photo space is a great tool to help businesses share more of their story, allowing the smaller profile photo to show just the business’ logo.

Here are some examples of pages that know how to work that Cover Photo:

You can highlight an ever-changing favorite customer, like Dunkin Donuts does.

You can show images that help shape your brand like Walmart.

Or you can share your slogan with a creative link to your logo, like our friends Chobani.

How are YOU using your Cover Photo?


Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive