To continue the series on our Facebook Marketing seminar take-aways, here’s a few more you may find interesting:

* You can use Facebook’s new Timeline layout to add history about your business like Mark Zuckerberg did – when it started, early photos of the building/staff/products – how cool! (Note to self: Time to dig for a photo of Mr. Fred Riger for our own Facebook page!)

* If you click on the star icon next to a post you may want to give more prominence to, Facebook will make it double-wide across both sides of the Timeline.

* If you do come across a negative comment on your Facebook page (or any other social media site), you should respond to the comment between 1-4 hours – enough time to let the commenter cool down, but not so much time that it looks like you aren’t paying attention.

How are YOU utilizing the new elements of the Facebook layout?

How have YOU handled/or been handled after a negative comment on Facebook?


Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive