Advertisers are always asking themselves (and, sooner or later, asking us at Riger), “how do I know when it’s working?”

There are various methods, none always perfect. But it pays to be familiar with them (before your boss asks the question)!

Our favorite New Yorker cartoon of all time shows an overbearing executive standing behind the seated, shirt-sleeved and intimidated staffer, both dwarfed by huge stacks of merchandise awaiting signs of demand from the outside world. The big guy barks in the underling’s ear, “Something’s got to go, Fenton. You, me, or this inventory — and it’s NOT going to be me!”

It’s tempting to say, “I’ll know whether my advertising is working by whether or not it sells the darn stuff in my ads!” But if you accept that measure, you have to give “Fenton” the control, not just over the ads, but over the other influences on the success of your product or service: price, availability, design, and a competitive advantage of some sort. We have seldom met a “Fenton” who gets all of that authority from the boss (or who even dares ask).

So then, how best to measure? For a comparison of seven different methods of measuring effectiveness of your communications, click here.

Peter Cronk, Managing Partner