That was one of the main questions posed during a recent panel discussion* in which Riger participated along with other folks who are heavily involved with this rapidly expanding communications toolbox for Online Social Networking (or OSNW, for short, as we say in our shop).

One aspect of time management is a technical one, the panel pointed out. For your “send” mode, there are digital tools which help you synchronize your postings among the various online social networking channels you may be using, thus saving considerable time. When you are in “receive” or “listen” mode, there are other online tools allowing you to aggregate what all is being said out there about you from a variety of sources (some are real-time, others not).

Just as importantly, there is the human aspect of OSNW time management. Business users need the discipline to “right-size” the amount of time they spend. Lest they fall into the waiting trap of “social not-working.” The measure of “right-size” will differ with every individual, every organization. Some companies find the task so consuming that they have created staff positions dedicated 100% to “online conversation monitor” or “community conversation manager.” Unfortunately, this is not practical for the majority of small businesses.

But there may be a work-around. Binghamton University’s enrollment marketing effort, managed by Cheryl Fabrizi, enlists the school’s bright young, digitally-oriented students to lighten the load for both the “send” and “receive” sides of the OSNW coin in her department. Cheryl notes the school has a deep pool of young folks who could serve in this same capacity for interested off-campus entities.

* Panelists included Cheryl Fabrizi, Binghamton University; Jamie Jacobs, Riger, a marketing communications company; Kathryn Fletcher, BiziLife Ventures; Lisa DiVirgilio, Fox40 TV; Gary Steadman, Steadmantech; Jim Willis, The A-Team Group. Pete Cronk of Riger served as moderator.The event, presented by Southern Tier Opportunity Coalition, was a recent installment of the organization’s “Networking Café” (the original, in-the-flesh, elbow-rubbing kind of networking, just to be clear).

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Peter Cronk, Managing Partner