The trade show season is coming! Here are five quick tips to take your trade show offerings from stale, forgettable show-and-tell, to a professional, memorable, best-in-show exhibition.

  • Prepare: The real work gets done in the office weeks or months before the trade booth swag or banner font ever get decided; planning is everything.
  • Personalize: Don’t dial in the wrong number. Know your target audience or buyer profile before you speak, and cater your message to fit each particular conversation.
  • Look Alive: Lounging in folding chairs behind trade booth tables isn’t the way to stimulate potential buyers. Stand up, greet your customers, and offer them an experience they’ll remember.
  • Be Interactive: When you’re at a trade show, you want to engage your audience, but this doesn’t mean you need to offer budget-breaking entertainment. Forbes contributor and CMO of Aprimo, Lisa Arthur, recommends activities as simple as “Revolution Walls,” a fancy word for a poster board and marker forum for booth visitors to leave feedback.
  • Listen: As Lisa Arthur stresses, “Don’t just sell. Don’t just push…listen,” and keep these channels of communication open before, during, and after a trade show through email, social media, etc.

See you at the Expo!


Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive