Ads shouting lower prices and bargain merchandise can leave consumers confused about what represents the “best” value. Good marketers often run ads that build their brand and product imagery, especially when they can add a wish for a merry Christmas or a happy holiday season.

Volker Kuhn, general manager for North America of the Duracell battery brand sold by Procter & Gamble, says he prefers to build brand equity by taking a long-range approach.

“Investing in the brand and the product is what makes you strong,” Mr. Kuhn said. “The holidays are a very important season,” he added, accounting for 35 percent of annual sales.

Another brand taking the image-burnishing route is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Jack Daniel’s is introducing a television, online and poster campaign that celebrates Christmas with a 26-foot “barrel tree” assembled from 140 barrels of Jack Daniel’s at the brand’s home in Lynchburg, Tenn. “We hope it will be the start of a new tradition,” said Carmen D’Ascendis, director of global marketing. “There are a lot of commercials that become part of the celebration,” said Wade Devers, global creative director on the Jack Daniel’s brand at Arnold. “They all add to the feeling of the season.” “The Norelco Santa; I’ll never forget that,” he added, referring to the long-running spot that showed Santa Claus using an electric shaver as a sleigh. “To be part of that would be great.”


Steve Johnson, Vice President, Client Services