U.S. Census Bureau data, as reported by TIME Magazine, indicates that 93 million Americans do not yet have high-speed Internet connections in their homes (ranking the U.S. 12th globally among the nations of the world in this regard). In fact one-third of U.S. homes have NO Internet connection at all!

Right now, connectivity varies widely by race (nearly half of Blacks and Hispanics lack connection). And, on a regional basis, the Northeast and Far West lead the Sun Belt (including North Carolina and Texas) in ratio of population that has access to the Information SuperHighway.

The Federal Communications Commission is touting a National Broadband
Plan with the intent of catching us up to the rest of the globe.

Meanwhile, marketers must plot out their communications in such a way
as not to rely solely on the Internet. (There were already plenty of good reasons not to put all their eggs in one media basket before. But this data merely reinforces that


Peter Cronk, Managing Partner