Still thinking you are almost ready to “put a fork in” conventional mail? Oddly enough, Google (a company with one of the most successful marketing strategies) just delivered a message to our office about their AdWords program via a targeted snail-mailer. As did Yahoo, with an eight-page plus die-cut cover entitled, “What if you cold reach the customers you’re missing?” The giants of the digital world must know something…. 

The United States Postal Service is certainly one of those institutions fighting to maintain a place in the growing array of tools available to the marketing communications industry. Especially with the way e-mail and online social networking make a several-day process of send-and-receive communication seem quaint.  

But marketers who totally write off conventional mail as obsolete may not only be short-sighted. They may be denying themselves a vital weapon in the battle to get noticed during the “3,000-messages-a-day” barrage upon consumers.  

Check out  “Deliver / A magazine for marketers” published six times a year by USPS: 

The Sept. 2009 issue dwelt on all aspects of “Green” from the paper-based publisher’s point of view, including case histories from National Geographic Magazine, and Aveda, the beauty products company. 

The Dec. 2009 issue reviews how conventional direct mail delivers tactile — and tangible — results, for Xerox, Target, Sprint and OfficeMax. 

Knowing that conventional and digital media are a POWERFUL COMBINATION, USPS also tells you their direct mail story online: (A visit there may convince you to sign up for the actual paper-and-ink magazine – shocking, we know!!!)  


Peter Cronk, Managing Partner