A Tokyo-based company went in search for new billboard space and scouted an eye-catching location that is seen by hundreds  if not thousands  of passers-by on a daily basis. Sounds like the ideal ad space to rent, right?

The company, Absolute Territory PR, has enlisted Japanese teens and 20-somethings to dress in mini-skirts short enough to expose promotional stickers on their thighs, featuring everything from hair-removal saloons to Green Day albums.

With more than 4,000 women already signed up to earn $100 for 8 hours of skinvertising, the company has actually put a price on a pound of flesh. It’s undeniable that these scantily clad women will attract attention on the streets, but critics argue these campaigns commodify the female body and pose major setbacks on gender equality.

What are your thoughts on thigh-vertisements? A brilliant scheme or an exploitative strategy?