leveraging social media

More than one in three businesses have no policies concerning the use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the workplace, according to a new survey from advertising firm Russell Herder and law firm Ethos Business Law.

Based on this survey, its accompanying report, and the details given at the article link below, here are the basics on setting up your company’s social media strategy:

1. Decide whether your policy is open to embracing the technology or closed to it.

2. Make sure it applies to everyone in the company, not just to employees of the marketing department, for example. 

3. Address managers’ fears concerning productivity and security. It should be very explicit about reinforcing existing policies concerning confidential information.

4. Decide whether or not employees are allowed to use social media during the work day, and whether they can use such Web services during their personal time, such as during a lunch break.




Steve Johnson, Vice President, Client Services