· Do not take your website for granted. This is usually the first place people look for more information about your company, and therefore your first opportunity to make a good impression.

· Many organizations focus only on their website’s design, infrastructure, and aesthetic appeal, when actually the plan of how to maintain their website’s messaging is even more important. Don’t leave that essential ingredient out!

· Keep all social media sites connected to your website. A “social media dashboard” can hold shortcuts to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, etc. all in one area.

· To get your priorities straight, think “P.O.S.T.” – People come first, then your Objective, Strategy, and lastly, your Technology. Too often, we start with technology and try to work backward instead.

· Every site needs to have a mobile version – we can no longer overlook this step.

How does your company’s digital communications strategy stack up?

Steve Johnson, Managing Partner