Some days, my simple crosstown car ride can become absolutely maddening. Why? Because poorly designed billboards are everywhere! To help your business get the most out of your billboards (and to help me stay on the road), here are some examples of what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what NOT to do.

#1: Let it support – in seven words or less!




In the first billboard, Mr. Butch Wax went beyond breaking the “seven words or less” billboard rule and even worse, misunderstood the purpose of a billboard: to provide SUPPORT for the rest of the campaign, not tell the whole story! In contrast, this UHS billboard says a lot, but by not saying much at all – and the rest of the important details can be found in corresponding brochures, print ads, on the Web, etc.

Check back for tips #2 and #3 soon!


Rob Stiene, Creative Director