If you’re like most of the professionals out there, when you see a speaker stand up in front of you and open what seems like the millionth Powerpoint presentation you’ve had to endure, cringing is a bit inevitable.

So, how do you keep the audience of your next speaking engagement from cringing, but also organize your content to help you stay on point throughout your presentation? Consider Prezi, a new, unique (and easy to use, we promise!) presentation software.

Here are the basic differences between Powerpoint and Prezi:

1. Powerpoint moves in a linear fashion from slide to slide to show content. Prezi, on the other hand, allows users to create a large digital canvas of content, then zoom in and out of the parts of the canvas they want to highlight at different times.

2. As opposed to Powerpoint presentations that only exist on your desktop and are often too big in file size to send to anyone, your Prezi presentation can exist online as part of a social media network. That makes sharing your Prezi presentation with your audience (a follow-up touch-point we’d recommend) ten times easier.

So whether it’s on an iPad in front of 1 individual or a small group, or through a projector for a whole auditorium of people, consider the “pop” of Prezi for your next presentation.

Interested? Here’s a quick tutorial.

P.S. If you’re bent on sticking with Powerpoint, it’s OK. But here’s a little tip: No more than 5 bullet points on a slide and no more than 5 words for each bullet!