You’re starting to see them everywhere – on ads, on billboards, on buses: those little blocks with funny black boxes inside.

QR codes, or scanned bar codes for smart phones, offer the opportunity to make a deeper connection with your campaign viewers. But many QR codes out there are simply linking people back to the advertiser’s company website – BORING! If they wanted to see your website, they’d Google it!

Instead, people want more value for taking the time to scan your code – and this Mashable article lists some ideas on how to reward them:

•                Exclusive rich media, videos and photos

•                Exclusive or time-sensitive access

•                Free downloads or swag

•                “Instant Win” contests

•                Special offers, coupons or gifts

•                “Secret” information

•                Deep integration with social media to activate viral loops


How is YOUR business using QR codes?


Karen Frobel

Print Production Specialist