Ever notice those square barcodes popping up on magazines, websites, business cards, and just about everywhere else these days? These barcodes are called QR codes and are a new way of connecting smartphones to today’s world.  Any smartphone can scan the image of the QR code, which will then display information or connect the phone with the intended webpage. This technology is already prevalent in Japan and parts of Europe, but the U.S. has been slower in adapting to it.

MediaPost reported that 57% of Facebook and Twitter users have scanned a mobile barcode at least once in the past year. Marketers are particularly interested in the development of this technology because it allows them to monitor their return on investment.  Every time a QR code is scanned, marketers are given information to help determine the success of their ad campaign.


Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive

(with research from Riger intern Carrie McCullen)