A half dozen “Tricks for Great PR Writing,” gleaned from various sources including our Finger Lakes Public Relations Society of America meeting in Horseheads this summer:

• First, find the Uncommon Good Sense in everything you set out to write.
• Staring at the blank page? Just start. Anywhere. Rough it out, then fine tune it. Then fine tune again.
• Think slow. Yes, you need to think fast and react quickly in certain situations. But when writing, force yourself to slow down, put your feet up, cogitate, and then write.
• The brain is a governor, making things smaller. When you write, allow your mind to think bigger, freeing it to really see the issues, the points, the counterpoints.
• You speak human. Write human too.
• Aim for clarity. Edit for consistency.

For more writing tips from one of the original “mad men,” check out this site (or the related post on our Facebook page) that shows what David Ogilvy, one of advertising’s greatest icons, had to say about copywriting.


Steve Johnson, Managing Partner