Here are the answers to last weeks Slogan Quiz! How did you do? 

  1. Good to the last drop — Maxwell House
  2. The king of beers — Bud
  3. The quicker picker-upper — Bounty
  4. We love to see you smile — McDonald’s
  5. Nothing but nothing will tear cats away. — Friskies Buffet
  6. I’d rather fight than switch — Tareyton Cigarettes
  7. It’s the best thing on television — TV Guide
  8. Drive it like you hate it. — Volvo
  9. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet
  10. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman – Secret

 Which slogans did you match correctly? What made these slogans effective and the others not?


Meghan Festa, Riger Intern, Keuka College Student