Good slogans increase brand awareness by communicating their brand’s attitude in a memorable way. 

Two important concepts to help your slogan stick: concise and precise. Keeping the message concise means that your customer won’t have to work to remember it (they have enough to do!). And by being precise, your customer is able to match your unique slogan with the qualities of your brand, and your brand alone. 

For some examples of concise and precise slogans, take a look at the list below. How many of these slogans can you match to their brands? 

  1. Good to the last drop
  2. The king of beers
  3. The quicker picker-upper
  4. We love to see you smile
  5. Nothing but nothing will tear cats away.
  6. I’d rather fight than switch
  7. It’s the best thing on television
  8. Drive it like you hate it.
  9. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and…
  10. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman

Comment with your answers to show how slogan savvy you are – and check back next week to see how you did!


Meghan Festa, Riger Intern, Keuka College Student