Good job. You started your company Facebook page and Twitter is next. But hold on a minute. How are you going to keep followers interested? Do you have a plan? In our business, we call it an editorial calendar. According to an article in Ad Age,* “The big ‘a-ha’ for marketers is that you have to think of your social presence as a calendar of editorial events that are dynamic and living,” said Razorfish CEO Bob Lord. What businesses really need is a program to manage their presence. “The need has gone from ‘Go get me a million fans on my Facebook page’ to ‘Oh my God, I have a fanbase, and how do I keep them interested and engaged with content?’ An editorial calendar is a blueprint that’s an expression of the brand’s social voice,” Mr. Lord said.

Need a plan to make the most of your social presence? Ask us. We can help.

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Steven Johnson, Vice President, Client Services