In the world of advertising and public relations sometimes it seems as though you can’t go three minutes without hearing or saying the words “social media.” While some communications professionals will tell you that social media is just a fad, others would suggest that it is the future of communication.  How then, do we separate fact from fiction? In a short series of blog posts we will attempt to disband some of the myths about social media for business and in doing so, uncover the ways to properly manage social media marketing.


 Myth #1: Social media is free

Although it is free for businesses to open Facebook and Twitter accounts, proper and effective social media strategies require planning and constant attention. One of the most common mistakes that businesses new to social media make is viewing these efforts as free and therefore unimportant. The time and energy spent maintaining social media accounts should be treated as nothing less than an investment.

Before you open an account, make sure you are ready to invest enough time into your efforts to maintain constant interactions with your followers. A poorly managed social media account can do more harm to your company than not having one at all. On the other hand, many businesses new to social media make the opposite mistake, which is flooding their accounts with content. There is a big difference between strategically investing time into social media and simply posting a link whenever you get a chance.

Maintaining social media for your business requires time, careful planning, thought, and commitment. It is anything but free. Check back later and find out the ways in which social media can benefit your business in Myth #2: “You can’t measure ROI on social media”.


Heather Preston, Associate Account Executive