While many criticize social media marketing for not having the same measurables that are offered through traditional media, this may not be the case. Social media allows companies to not only see how many individuals viewed their content, but also allows for measures of engagement such as click-throughs, likes, comments, re-tweets, replies, and check-ins. These engagement measures allow businesses to gain a much better understanding of their audiences without the need for huge initial investments. The potential for engagement with and among peers through social media should be viewed as an inexpensive, but also invaluable tool for marketing your brand.

Research shows that social media engagements have a positive effect on how consumers view brands. 78% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations.  Also, keep in mind: social media’s strength is not in how many see the content, but rather customer’s interaction with the brand.

If you are still skeptical about whether or not social media is right for your business, check back later for the third social media myth: “My company couldn’t benefit from social media”.


Heather Preston, Associate Account Executive