Many small business owners feel they couldn’t benefit from social media as a part of their marketing initiatives. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Every company can benefit from the use of strategic social media in one way or another. With 500 million users on Facebook – 70% of whom are accessing the site every day – the fact is that your clients are online. And if your company does not have a presence in social media, the conversation may be happening without you.

Many small business owners also believe that social media doesn’t have an impact on local markets, but the role of social media is actually just as important on a community level. To elaborate, 38% of small businesses use social media, which means even if you don’t, chances are your local competitors do.

            Hopefully these facts have convinced you that your organization could benefit from the use of social media. Wanna keep busting the myths? Check back later for the fourth and final social media myth: “When in doubt, keep talking.”



Heather Preston, Associate Account Executive