Social media should be thought of as a conversation. And just like in traditional conversation, the social media world doesn’t like blabbermouths. 41% of users say that the reason they unfollow brands on social media sites is because those organizations “overmarket.”

So, how do you strike the balance to share your brand’s story without coming across as overbearing? Think of it in terms of attending a networking event and chatting with some prospect clients. You need to first grab their attention and make some kind of statement or question, then you need to listen to their response and hopefully continue a back-and-forth dialogue. As you talk to them, you’re probably hoping to provide something interesting, important, funny, clever – something that sticks with and benefits them enough that they remember you at the next networking event. Talking all about you and never about them wouldn’t exactly help your cause here.

It’s the same in the social media world – and it’s all about good old-fashioned judgment calls there, too. Don’t lock yourself into a certain number of posts per day, per week, per month (you wouldn’t make sure you got X amount of comments into a real-life conversation, would you?), but instead share what you deem relevant and advantageous to your viewers and continually gage their reaction.

In a nutshell: hold up your side of the conversation – no more and no less.


Heather Preston, Associate Account Executive