We all remember those days in middle school when we’d have to spend hours studying vocabulary for an upcoming quiz.  Whether we like it or not, having a good vocabulary is vital to our success. However, with the advent of new media, it seems as though the landscape of American written language has changed overnight. Now phrases like “LOL” and “OMG” are so common that almost everyone understands them and entire conversations can even take place without the use of any actual words. Recently the words “ZOMG” and “Twittersphere” joined the long list of social media terms to be granted legitimacy by the Oxford English Dictionary. Although we may be far from the use of such terms in academics, it is hard to deny that social media is gaining momentum and that some day these words will popping up on scrabble boards and pop quizzes alike.

For more information on social media vocab, check out this article.

Submitted by:

Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive (with lots of help from awesome intern Tim Pearce)