Beer commercials generally are characterized by over-the-top, crude male humor that at the very least gives viewers a good laugh. It was unlikely to find sentimental advertisements geared toward the beer-drinking population…until Guinness recently released this poignant commercial:



This unexpected spot starts with a game of wheelchair basketball. The male players are strong, sweaty and fiercely competitive. We learn at the end of the game that only one of them is actually chair-bound, as the rest stand up from their wheelchairs to exit the court.


A narrator then voices, “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character,” as the same group enjoys a post-game round of Guinness.


Void of hot women, sports fanatics and nagging wives, this Guinness’ commercial showcases the brand’s message of compassion, camaraderie and integrity. Refreshing indeed.


Has Guinness set a new standard?