A few months ago, Facebook finally adopted a page from the Twitter book and began allowing its users to post hashtags, which are those little #s that tie various social media posts together and relate them to a topic.

These hashtags add context to a post’s meaning, and typically indicate the post is part of a larger discussion, hosted elsewhere within each social network. To view that discussion, post readers just have to click on the hashtagged word.

Creating a hashtag – whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. – is simple: just include a little, but mighty # before the word or phrase with no spaces, and you’re part of the buzz!

A few words of caution though:

  • Your viewers won’t like it if you use too many hashtags (it’ll look spammy)
  • You want to make sure you check out the existing discussions associated with your hashtagged word beforehand, as you won’t want to link yourself or your business to anything inappropriate
  • Don’t confuse hashtags with the @ symbol you may have seen around – the two symbols work in a similar way, but #s are for tagging topics and @s are for tagging people

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