Can’t seem to put your cell phone down? Analysts are starting to notice.

According to recent eMarketer estimates, mobile media usage by adults in the United States is growing fast, edging out traditional media favorites: radio, magazines, and newspapers as our go-to source for everything from current events to entertainment. In the past three years alone, the average time spent with mobile devices per day has increased over 60 minutes, peaking in 2012 at 82 minutes a day, an extraordinary 8% of our waking hours.

Even with the rise of mobile media, television still reigns supreme, the unequivocal diva of our media attention at a solid 4.5 hours a day, while print media now commands only a dismal 38 minutes a day.

What do you think of this mobile media revolution? And—perhaps more pressingly—what do you plan to do with all those old newspapers?



Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive