name-change-bridal-opulenceRecently spotted on, some of the most iconic company brand logos of all time are cross-compared by cost of creation. Check out the findings here.

The comparisons are astounding. How can British Petrol’s sunflower logo ring up for $211,000,000, while Twitter’s bird silhouette or Coca-Cola’s cursive checkout at bargain bin prices of $15 and $0 paid respectively? The answer, rebranding.

Where Twitter and Coca-Cola have stuck with the same brand logos (give or take minor retouches) since their inception, other powerhouse companies, BBC, Pepsi, and British Petrol changed their original logos and paid the price.

For a little perspective, if we think of brand logos like last names imagine what would happen if you changed your name today. Think of the countless people, documents, and records that would need to be updated. Now, calibrate that discomfort to the Fortune Five-Hundred scale, and what is a small headache for one person becomes a very costly transition for a company recognized by billions of people. Factor in the slow process of phasing out an old brand and rolling out the new image, and this limbo between identities can be potentially damaging to client recognition, which translates into lost short-term and long-term profits.

While for some companies it may be worth it to weather the storm of awkward rebranding, because when the dust settles a reborn more marketable logo will remain, for others, the cost vs. the benefits of a name change might not make the most financial sense. Sometimes, sticking with tradition, and your name, is best.