Mobile ads are fast becoming the new frontier of advertising. Are you ready to make the move into mobile? Let it be a smooth transition with these helpful tips.

  • Optimize: Screen real estate is tiny on smartphones and other mobile devices. Optimize your copy and graphics to accommodate smaller viewing space and smaller on the go attention spans.
  • Play to Mobile’s Strengths: According to a recent study done by Miklos Sarvary of INSEAD, Yakov Bart and Andrew Stephen, “The [mobile] ad’s strength is not adding new data, but reminding you of what you already know and making you think about the product again.” Mobile advertisement should not be used as the primary channel of communication, but rather, it should be used to remind and reinforce existing messages that consumers are already aware.
  • The One-Two Punch: Launch your fresh advertising campaigns first through television or print to give your target audience something to remember, then, jolt their minds back into memory with an aptly timed mobile ad!