FontEmotionsbType is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of a graphic designer. It is not only used to communicate a desired message in the most literal of ways, but also a means of setting the mood for any given piece.

Type lays the foundation for all other graphic design elements. In advertising, type can be just as, if not more, important than any other imagery in the ad. Type can range from being just the copy of a disclaimer to the identity of an entire organization.

Varying typefaces can have drastically different effects on the reader. For instance, the simple structure of a sans serif typeface will suggest the message is crisp and clean, while that of a serif one can be perceived as classic or fanciful.

The key is to play around with type while knowing what you’re ultimately trying to communicate. An endless number of typefaces exist in the world of design and it’s vital to know which one will fit your varying needs.

For more information, check out the documentary called Off Book: Type here. This seven-minute clip on the value and nature of type is truly worth a watch. Designer or not, there are some interesting views and insights into just how significant typography can be.