As Adweek’s Kristen Brown reports, a new generation of young creatives obsessed with advertising has emerged in the past decade, who grew up “admiring the industry as much for its ability to entertain as to sell,” and have turned this admiration into a college major, and now a career. They’re mad—mad for advertising.

Turned on to advertising by the AMC drama hit Mad Men,this new generation was raised with commercials as their bedtime stories, and thanks to a string of premier Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) advertising programs, they’re flooding the market with fresh talent. What’s more, advertising’s new blood aren’t just treading water until real creative opportunities materialize; now, advertising is the medium for their art.

Brown concludes, “Advertising has evolved from touting product attributes to storytelling that incorporates humor, irony, and subtlety—oftentimes to the point that it’s not quite clear what product is being promoted.”

Does your advertising strike the balance between entertainment and effectiveness?


Jamie Jacobs (with help from Thomas LaMonte)