Riger’s Jamie Jacobs recently participated in a panel discussion exploring the wide and deep topic of Online Social Networking. (That’s Jamie, second from far end. Other panelists l.to r.: Cheryl Fabrizi, Binghamton University; to Jamie’s left: Kathryn Fletcher, BiziLife Ventures; Lisa DiVirgilio, Fox40 TV; Gary Steadman, Steadmantech; Jim Willis, The A-Team Group, nearest to camera.) The event, presented by Southern Tier Opportunity Coalition, was a recent installment of the organization’s “Networking Café” (the original, in-the-flesh, elbow-rubbing kind of networking, just to be clear).

A truly broad set of tools, all involving the desire of human beings and organizations to connect and share, OSNW, if we can coin an acronym for the topic, must be taken seriously by businesspeople, the panelists readily agreed. But beyond that initial meeting of the minds, the panel members — and the audience of 50 or so attendees, too — expressed diverging views on matters like time management, privacy, credibility of content, the challenges of “listening” and tool selection for the particular application and audience.

Periodically re-visit this RigerJabber Blog for a series of “take-aways” from the STOC panel discussion that will appear in the weeks to come.


Peter Cronk, Managing Partner