Have you heard of this new emerging marketing technology called Intelligent Print Recognition (iPR)?



It’s providing groundbreaking opportunities for print production specialists, like our own Karen Frobel, all across the country!


It’s basically the concept behind QR codes – using smart phones to generate additional content from printed material. The difference is iPR isn’t limited to an unattractive, squiggly box – it can make any printed material, from any time, on any surface, interactive.






Here’s how it works: Using proprietary software called “documobi,” you open up an image file, then you attach to it a certain action like a website link or an embedded video. documobi saves that image and its associated action into a database system (similar to that used for facial recognition). Then, any time a smart phone scans that image, the database system directs the smart phone to the associated action.  Crazy town…



Why does this matter? Because it turns the tables on the “Print is dead” controversy. Not only would print be alive again – it would be the next big thing!



Wanna give it a try? Download the free documobi app on your smart phone, then scan the surface of a $1 bill and see what happens. Comment below on what you find! And while you’re at it, check out more information on this new technology at our source article