On Saturday, August 7, Riger made its way out to the back roads of Harpursville to shoot a video for the Broome County Council of Churches’ “Ramp It Up” program. We thought it was gonna be just another day of work, getting footage and interviews and sound bites, but what we witnessed there on that porch left us with so much more.

It was there that we met Don, a wheelchair-bound (and therefore home-bound) elderly man, who was looking for some help getting beyond the colossal barrier between him and his independence: just three little steps.

BC3’s “Ramp It Up” program answered Don’s call for help and sent adult and teenage volunteers from the Conklin Presbyterian Church to the porch that looked like this at 7:00 a.m.:

Don, the Riger crew, and Shadow the dog….…watched as the CPC volunteers worked tirelessly and under the beating August sun to transform Don’s barrier into a brand new wheelchair ramp.

At 7:00 p.m., Don rolled down his new ramp for the first time and was able to join the CPC gang for a photo to celebrate the ramp that will change his life completely.

12 hours of Riger shooting = 8 video interviews, 120 b-roll shots, and 1 amazing story.



Jamie Jacobs, Account Executive