For most advertisers, the media portion of their marketing budget (actual time and space purchased) accounts for nearly 8 out of every 10 dollars spent on advertising.

At Riger, we help you spend that predominant piece of the pie WISELY.

Our goal is simple: Aim our client’s message at the right audience, the right number of times, and at the lowest possible cost.

Mobile Media Buying

It’s both science and art. And here’s why we’re good at it:

  • On-site resources/media software subscriptions like STRATA and Nielsen
  • Up-to-date ratings reports on all stations in Southern Tier of NY and NEPA
  • Decades of experience and expertise in all forms of media, relying on skills we were made to perfect as a McDonald’s agency in the 1990’s
  • Fresh knowledge of digital/social tactics (ask Jamie about mobile geofencing and you’ll see what we mean…)
  • Deep-rooted relationships with media representatives across our service area
  • Competent and thorough invoice tracking/matching
  • Competitive spending analysis

Want to give us a try, but not quite ready to commit?

Email Mary and try out our free media analysis – no strings attached, we promise. We’ll tell you how well your last TV or radio campaign performed, based on actual ratings delivered vs. promised ones, then we’ll suggest how we could’ve packed more advertising value into that same media investment.
Still not sure? Consider what we heard after giving our last free media analysis (which quickly turned to a new client relationship):